2015 is an interesting year, with all the recent Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriages. With this specific massive step towards equality brings a new issue: same-sex divorce.

With any marriage, there is definitely an inherent danger of divorce. And every divorce, whether in a conventional marriage or a non traditional union, gets the inclination to be complex and messy. Luckily though, to get a straight couple seeking to end their marriage, divorces have now been taking place for years and there is a level of consistency to the proceedings. There exists an authorized process in each and every state for handling a divorce between a same sex couple.

Same sex divorces have to play out in the court, and there is absolutely no real established case law to direct judges and lawyers with the proceeding. This can lead to a divorce that’s equitable and less than fair to one or both parties.

A divorce attorney is built-in to be sure the process runs as smoothly as you can. Nevertheless, some divorce lawyers might uncomfortable representing a homosexual customer, because it’s such a unique legal situation.

Since the same-sex marriage decision remains new, the smart move to make is to find an attorney who specializes in divorce in nontraditional families. At this point, this is actually the closest a gay couple may get to some divorce lawyer who specializes in gay divorces.

As more time passes and more gay couples decide to divorce, clear-cut rules will develop, thereby simplifying the same-sex divorce procedure. But until then, a same sex marriage attorney with expertise in divorce in non traditional families is the safest route to get.